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Supported Education

What is Supported Education?
It is a program to assist and support individuals with a psychological disability to achieve their post-secondary educational goals.  This is accomplished by having students participate in an integrated, unrestricted university setting with needed, reasonable supports.

Why is Supported Education needed?
Onset of mental illness often occurs between the ages of 18-25, interrupting an individual’s initial college career.  The ADA and Section 504 mandate the university to provide reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.  Individuals with a mental illness often have limited coping mechanisms and limited support systems which makes achieving educational goals more difficult.

Who is eligible?
Anyone who has a severe, non-organic mental illness and is currently enrolled at UL at Lafayette is eligible to receive services.

What is needed in order to receive services?
Documentation is needed by a licensed MD, psychiatrist, or psychologist which specifies the diagnosis and functional limitations (the more specific, the better).

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