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Disability Services Changes for COVID-19 Response

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ODS Updates for Faculty & Remote Class Instruction

Disability Services Information for Faculty

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The Office of Disability Services is working to assist students as we transition to remote learning at UL Lafayette. Please bear with us (all of us - students, faculty, and staff) as we wade through these unchartered waters.

Office of Disability Services Hours

The Office of Disability Services is open for the foreseeable future.

We are open during normal university hours: 7:30-5:00pm Monday-Thursday and 7:30am- 12:30pm on Friday.

If this changes, we will let you know; however, even if the office closes our staff will be working from home. You can reach us via email at

ODS Testing Center

The ODS Testing Center will be closed during this time. We will only administer exams due to disability barriers with no virtual accessible option. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

Please communicate with your instructors to discuss your exam accommodations in their courses. 

  • Some instructors may opt for alternative assessments (e.g. essays, untimed exams) which would not require exam accommodations. 
  • If your instructor is creating online timed exams, please notify your instructor if you receive extended time.
    • Instructors have been notified earlier via your accommodation letters, however, it is to your benefit to remind them. 
    • Remember, they are also trying to adapt to this new format and particular set of circumstances.
    • Academic departments are responsible for setting up extended testing time in Moodle and other formats.

ODS is available to instructors and students to consult about unique circumstances.

Receiving Notes from Volunteer Notetakers

Once you have learned from your instructor on how they will adapt the course for virtual instruction, you will get a better understanding of how information will be shared.

You may find that you no longer need a note-taker due to the course design changes. For example, lectures that are prerecorded videos can be watched at your own pace. On the other hand, some instructors may still opt for scheduled class meetings with real-time communication.

Regardless of your decision to continue receiving notes, all established note-takers will receive priority scheduling.

We know and understand that there will be unique circumstances for some of you depending on your disability, approved accommodations, and changes in instructional methods. This situation is new to all of us. We will handle each situation as it arises and we ask you to be patient as we work through them. The best way to communicate with ODS staff at this time is via email and/or phone (as long as we are required to report to work).

We will get through this. The most important thing to do at this time is take care of yourself.